Composition Game Design Sound Design

Urban Factory

Study in spatialized 3D audio in video games.
Sound design, composition and recording in ambisonics format.

(headphones required)

This project was a study in using different tecniques to make the sound design behave naturally in a 3D environment.

I studied how the ears process information from different angles and how sound veries with distance. I recorded ambiences in the ambisonics format, impulseresponses for reverb and experimented a ton.

The hard part was making it blend naturally. Chopping up sound in granular bites, programming infinitely rearranged base-loops seemed to work the best.

Distance in a 3D environment

I spent a lot of time recording sound sources from different distances to rebuild them to sound most realistic in the game, usin google resonance to spatialize the sound. In the video below I showcase how the sound sources come together creating a bonfire.

Programming realism

I made different sound sources follow the viscinity of the player at different point in the game – like a crow in an ever-changing pattern above the head of the player, cawing at random times.