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Ambisonics library

I am currently working on a free-to-use ambisonics library.

Lukas, a friend and collegue of mine, and I have a vision.
We want to create a big, fat, free library of ambiences and roomtones.
In relentlessly high quality. In ambisonics.

A lot of the ambiences you find for free on the web are not clean in the soundscape. They have children playing too close to the mic, a lot of bird or whatever disruptive sound sources.
We want our library to be usefull: free of unwanted sound.

Together we roam around, looking moments of relative silence… waiting for people, birds, cars, planes etc. to shut up…
And then record.

It’s a passionproject and a lot of work – and I love it.

it will be up at sometime in the future