Hi. I’m Jonas, sound designer/wizard.

I design, produce, record and implement audio. I also compose and produce music. And do programming.

Currently I’m studying a software development masters at IT University Copenhagen and working in game dev.

I’m a social person who thrives working in a project-mindset, loves building worlds and really loves exploring and creating with sound and music.

In my work I enjoy digging deep to find the right sound profile for a project, likewise with implementing and creating effective and complex audio systems.

Software & skills include:

Reaper | Ableton | Pro Tools | Unity | Izotope RX | fMOD | C# | Wwise

I like a good challenge and enjoy when I have to learn along the way, hit me up if you have somthing.
I strive to work with structure, curiosity and direction.

For me game audio isn’t just about the sound. I find having insight into more aspects of game development raises my competence a lot.

Also: I am a firm believer that being a light humored, caring and reasonable person has it’s place in the creation of a beautiful world.

Lets work together!

Contact me at
mail: hello@jonasryan.dk
phone at: +45 28 77 32 97

Here I am in the wilderness of the mountainrange, brewing some smoked tea.